Fine Art Photography and Abstract Paintings –

Artist’s Statement

I am a self taught artist from Kansas City. My Fine Art Photos and Abstract Paintings can be found in private collections across the nation.

My photography mainly consists of architecture and landscapes. I like to experiment with my photos and give them a completely unique look. Some of my most appreciated work was taken with a $10 cheapy plastic camera known as the Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim. Many of my framed works were taken with this camera. I don’t believe you have to have the fanciest tools to make great art; but you do need the vision. Sometimes I use Redscale film or twist the colors in Photoshop to give my photos their very own feel. I often add textures as well. I like to take modern images and make them look like the photo may have been taken decades ago.

My paintings attempt to join together bold colors and textures in a single, unified work. My interest in landscapes translated over to my painting, effortlessly. I found myself painting abstract landscapes before I realized they would be considered so. I also find inspiration in weathered paint from buildings, trucks, and other objects. This naturally comes through in the textures of my art. My paintings are a way to express a piece of history without the use of words.

I always like receiving feedback on my work. If you have any questions or comments about my artwork, feel free to contact me via the contact section on this site. Thanks for checking out my art!!

Jon Freeman Art on Facebook

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