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Exhibit from Solstice show, RAW Artists – Kansas City

Here is my exhibit from the Solstice show put on by RAW Artists, Kansas City.

Photo: Dan Welch

Jon Freeman Art
Raw Artists Solstice show, Kansas City
June 2012

Special invitation

I have been given a special invitation to the Olathe Arts Festival which is being held this year on June 9th and 10th. I will be joining over 80 artists from across the county in this event! Very excited to be asked to be a part of this event! Admission is FREE. Hope to see you there!

I wrote this article nearly two years ago…

I stumbled upon a LO-FI photo of mine over at Pinterest yesterday. It’s always great to see others sharing my work for me out there. I was curious though, where had the photo come from, because I knew I didn’t really have it up on my art sites. When I clicked on it, I was pretty excited to see that an article I wrote for Four Corners Dark (one I barely remember writing) nearly two years ago had been published and I had no idea it was out there! It talks about my love for LO-FI photography and some of the tools I’ve used to get my shots. Please take a couple minutes and check it out!

Lights and Cables - Jon Freeman

Four Corners Dark article

Original farm w/ windmill landscape

farm w/windmill by Jon Freeman Art
farm w/windmill, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

Two years ago I shot this farm out by Eudora, KS. I texturized the photo and printed only one 15×10″ print. Somehow, I’ve lost the file for this image, with no back up. Sunday I went back to the scene and re-shot this fantastic Midwestern landscape. The new textured photo is below. I like them both but they have different qualities. At least I can make some prints of the new landscape shot!

Farm with windmill

farm with windmill by Jon Freeman Art
farm with windmill, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

A new textured version of the farm with windmill scene.

United States Penitentiary (USP), Leavenworth

This photo is approaching 1,000 views over at Flickr. I guess people seek out Prison photos? I just thought it had SUCH a presence that I had to take a pic of it when driving out to get some photos in a small town near Leavenworth. I added a slight texture to this photo. I wanted it to appear like a film shot taken in the 40’s or so. I think it passes!

2000+ views!

This photo of Sauer Castle just passed 2000 view over at Flickr. That Sauer Castle is a such a fantastic looking mansion! If you live near Argentine in the Kansas City area, you owe it to yourself to drive by this historic site.