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Hi! Welcome to my art website! Are you using Facebook? Please take a moment to click on the FB link to your right and follow my progress there. I have a bunch of in-progress pix and other random ideas and whatnot that I don’t post on my website. Thanks for checking out my artwork!!

–Jon Freeman

2010 Gallery exhibit

A shot of the first paintings from The Vandenberg series.  Image

Signify has a new home!

No thanks to FedEx, Signify has finally made it to its new home in North Carolina. It was supposed to take just 2 days to travel from Kansas City to NC, which I thought would be great. However, the store where the box was dropped off failed to mark the package as “signature required.” The driver then delivered the painting to the WRONG house and just left it there. After some hunting…they finally tracked down the package today and my client now has the painting hanging in her home. Thankfully, my client had the patience of a saint through all the mess. SO glad this painting didn’t go missing for good. Take a wild guess who will be contracting UPS for their next shipment?

Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree by Jon Freeman Art
Twisted Tree, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

Haven’t blogged on a photo in a while. This twisted up tree was found on a path we hiked while visiting my brother up in Ogden Canyon, UT. It looked pretty good in color but the change to B&W really did this shot justice with the clouds whispering in the sky and the contrast of the rocky cliff in the foreground. This one needs to be printed, mounted and framed sometime.

email down

My email from this site was down today for a bit. If you emailed me I may have lost that email for good. Please drop me a line again if you emailed earlier today. Thanks!

Dunn Bros. #2

Another pic from the Dunn Bros. exhibit. This show hangs til the end of the month.

silver lake forest

silver lake forest

Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

Another favorite of mine from our trip out West.