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Apex Group Show!

I’m happy to announce that my work will be on display in a fantastic group show at the Apex Art Gallery in the Crossroads district. This show will hang for two months. Please join us this First Friday, Dec 7th, to view this exhibit.

Apex Art Gallery
1819 Wyandotte St KCMO


Forbes by Jon Freeman Art
Forbes, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

This piece will show in my next exhibit at Jones Gallery on July 1st. Forbes is different than all my other abstract works. Instead of using a gel medium or pumice for the texture in the red stripe area, I tore magazine pages into small pieces and collaged them on the canvas to create texture. I’m very happy with how this piece came out but it needs to be seen in person to be most appreciated.

Low Tide

Low Tide by Jon Freeman Art
Low Tide, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

Low Tide is one of my most recently completed works. Very happy with how this came out despite the fact that it is quite different from much of my other work. This one will show at the Glaspur Gallery First Friday in the Crossroads on July 1st.

Nine pieces of my work now on display!

Mariposa and Burning Sea

Visit the En Vogue salon in Overland Park, KS to view nine of my abstract pieces. The lobby displays two of my 30×30″ pieces, Mariposa and Burning Sea. The back wall features the new Atlantic series paintings. Please drop in and check things out!

The Atlantic series

Sean Scully

I really like this picture of Sean Scully standing next to a couple of his works. I’d like to work on canvas that is taller than me. Not exactly practical for me though…I’d have to rent a Uhaul just to exhibit such a work!

Abstract Artist Sean Scully

The Burst @ RG Endres

RG Endres 2011 by Jon Freeman Art
RG Endres 2011, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

A shot of The Burst in its floater frame.

Continental at the RG Endres Gallery

In front of my paintings at the RG Endres Gallery

Wyandotte West Library Gallery


Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

The Gallery at the Wy West Library in Kansas City, KS houses 20 of my abstract works for the month of January. Please stop in and check out the exhibit if you can!

Dunn Bros. #2

Another pic from the Dunn Bros. exhibit. This show hangs til the end of the month.

A shot of the Dunn Bros. exhibit

A shot from 2010

A shot from the 2010 Gallery exhibit.

Tomorrow in the Crossroads district

Tomorrow night, Dec. 3rd, 2010 Gallery is hosting a photography show. All of my framed work that I currently have in inventory will be available at this show. Please drop by if you can!



Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

One of the latest pieces I’ve completed. The textures on this piece don’t photograph well because of all the white. This piece must been seen in person to be appreciated. I have a show coming up in January at Wyandotte West public library. Most of my abstract works will be on display at this show.

24×24″ Acrylic on Canvas

Abstracts Squared

oak park

Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

A shot of the Oak Park exhibit. Runs 4-29 thru 6-30.

Oak Park exhibit opens tomorrow


Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

Tomorrow, six of my paintings will go on display at the Oak Park library. Part of the Art in the Stacks program.



Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

My latest large piece is complete. Just in time for the next gallery show on May 7th.


36×36″ Acrylic on Canvas

New video of the Halcyon Trading Co. exhibit

Hard Copy

Hard Copy

Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

Created this piece for the 4th Annual Square Foot Exhibition to be held at The Galaxie in Chicago. The exhibit opens on May 15th 2010. This piece is titled Hard Copy because it’s my version of the below digital abstract I designed earlier in the year.

12×12″ Acrylic on Canvas


2010 Gallery

west bottoms awesome sky


dining room

A new gallery is opening in the Crossroads district on 3-5-10. They’re located at 2010 Main St. in Kansas City. They will be exhibiting three of my fine art photos. Here are the three you will find there. Please stop by if you’re in the area for First Fridays!