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Small Cedar Roe Library exhibit

Golden Republic by Jon Freeman Art
Golden Republic, a photo by Jon Freeman Art on Flickr.

This painting and 3 others are now on exhibit at Cedar Roe Library in Roeland Park, KS. The paintings will be on display until the end of December.

United States Penitentiary (USP), Leavenworth

This photo is approaching 1,000 views over at Flickr. I guess people seek out Prison photos? I just thought it had SUCH a presence that I had to take a pic of it when driving out to get some photos in a small town near Leavenworth. I added a slight texture to this photo. I wanted it to appear like a film shot taken in the 40’s or so. I think it passes!

2000+ views!

This photo of Sauer Castle just passed 2000 view over at Flickr. That Sauer Castle is a such a fantastic looking mansion! If you live near Argentine in the Kansas City area, you owe it to yourself to drive by this historic site.

NEW Art For Sale!

My framer just completed work on all 3 of the images below. The matted artwork is 24×24″ and is housed in a great looking black, wooden gallery frame. The black mats he used are really fantastic looking. The completed pieces are selling for $200 and are ready to hang in your home or office. Please contact me at info(at) to purchase one of these first prints of my digital abstract work. Thanks!

Wyandotte West Library Gallery


Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

The Gallery at the Wy West Library in Kansas City, KS houses 20 of my abstract works for the month of January. Please stop in and check out the exhibit if you can!

franklin county courthouse

Went on a photo venture yesterday that somehow led me to Ottawa, KS of all places. The Franklin County Courthouse is a GREAT looking building! They also have a really nice downtown area but sadly, the business seems to have really dried up there.