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Greaserama 2012

Got several good pix at Greaserama 2012.  I love taking pix of cool hot rods!!!

Will be posting several of these on my Flickr site.


United States Penitentiary (USP), Leavenworth

This photo is approaching 1,000 views over at Flickr. I guess people seek out Prison photos? I just thought it had SUCH a presence that I had to take a pic of it when driving out to get some photos in a small town near Leavenworth. I added a slight texture to this photo. I wanted it to appear like a film shot taken in the 40’s or so. I think it passes!

A shot from 2010

A shot from the 2010 Gallery exhibit.

Tomorrow in the Crossroads district

Tomorrow night, Dec. 3rd, 2010 Gallery is hosting a photography show. All of my framed work that I currently have in inventory will be available at this show. Please drop by if you can!

A recent trip to Utah

UT river

Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

We recently traveled to northern Utah to visit my brother. He lives in Ogden Canyon. I was lucky to have many chances to capture beautiful landscapes while I was there. Here is a shot from the middle of a river in UT. I’m still working post processing on several of the images.

New video of the Halcyon Trading Co. exhibit



Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

Haven’t blogged about a photo in a while. This shot was originally a daytime shot of the Kansas river. It lacked something….so I added a nice full moon from another shot, a fantastic texture from a flickr contact, and created a mystical moonscape. I have printed an 11×14″ of this shot and am not sure where I’ve placed it right now. I need to find if for the next gallery show.

The Quivers

The Quivers

Originally uploaded by Jon Freeman Art

Had a good time yesterday shooting promo shots for a new KC band, The Quivers.